Total Quality Control – From Seed to Shelf


TRUST: Know that the hemp you buy is real.  Hemptegrity hemp is legally imported through US Customs and have been in commerce in Europe for over ten years as fully traceable, compliant, responsible hemp oil are allowed into this country by government agencies.

THIRD PARTY VERIFICATION:  Know that the hemp you buy has been verified by analytical experts.  Hemptegrity products offer verifiable results from nationally respected, independent third party laboratories to verify identity and the natural full spectrum hemp entourage. Additionally, we subject our products to one of most rigorous tests that shows Hemptegrity Hemp to be clean and free of over 300 pesticides, herbicides and agricultural chemicals.

CERTIFICATIONS:  USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, Halal

Extraction Facility for Hemptegrity Products
One of our European Extraction Facilities

EXPERIENCE:  Know that the hemp you buy is high quality. We are not newcomers to hemp.  Hemptegrity products are made from our very own European, organic Non-GMO Hemp oil from our family managed European organic Hemp farms.

We offer CONSISTENT QUALITY because we control the seeds, the farms, the extraction and formulations.  Hemptegrity products offer Total Quality Control from seed to shelf .

STATE OF THE ART EXTRACTION:  Know that the hemp you buy is scientifically manufactured to maintain the quality you want.  Hemptegrity hemp oil is produced in fully compliant government registered facilities that are ISO 9001 compliant, HACCP certified, utilizing state of the art, proprietary supercritical and subcritical extraction technology that offers the most gentle extraction method, without using any organic solvents, to preserve the full entourage of hemp.

EXPERT FORMULATORS:  Know that the hemp products you buy are formulated by experts with experience in clinical and therapeutic formulation. Every Hemptegrity product is formulated with over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience of our scientists, naturopathic physicians and certified nutritional specialists who combine their first hand formulation knowledge and clinical experience in designing every product we proudly offer.

SUSTAINABLE:  Know that the hemp you buy is grown, processed and managed with eco farming & sustainable practices. Our farmland is harvested and managed sustainably to safeguard the environment, the people who tend it and you.

APEX distributes Hemptegrity products.

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